Download a PDF version of the rental agreement.

Basic Rental Agreement
You verify that you understand that this is a monthly rental agreement for the instrument outlined in the instrument information section. 100% of the monthly rent (not including LDR and tax) will apply to the RETAIL VALUE/REPLACEMENT COST until payment is received in full, at which time, you own the instrument. You agree to make regular monthly payments of the Total Monthly Rent as outlined on the front of the agreement to Hillje Music Center. You also understand that you are responsible for paying the balance of the RETAIL VALUE/REPLACEMENT COST of the instrument if it is lost, damaged or stolen if you choose not to accept the LDR Option as well as paying for repairs and maintaining the instrument in good playing condition. Certain restrictions apply. See LDR section below.

Monthly Automatic Charge Authorization
The customer herein authorizes Hillje Music Center to charge the Total Monthly Payment against the credit card account listed on the reverse side of this agreement. In the event you are unable to authorize the monthly auto charge, a statement arrangement may be made at the discretion of management and is subject to additional fees.

Liability Damage Repair (LDR)
LDR is optional but highly recommended. If you choose this option and you are current with your payment, you will not be liable for damage under certain conditions. Hillje Music Center will maintain the instrument in playing conditions providing damages are not willful or due to negligence. Coverage includes dents and cracks on band instruments as well as broken bridges, cracks, bow rehairs and one set of strings per year on orchestra instruments. Coverage for percussion instruments include damage hardware, stripped screws and other needed repairs as determined by our repair technicians. Coverage does not include lacquer or plating, reeds, straps, cases, mouthpieces, lubricants, heads, etc. If the instrument is destroyed by fire or is stolen through forced entry during the term of your rental, it will either be replaced with like-condition merchandise or the rental agreement will be canceled as the company’s discretion. You must provide us with a notarized police report to substantiate the event of fire or forced entry. There is no loss deductible dollar amount. Theft by forced entry does not include disappearance from school band or orchestra rooms if the instrument is not contained in a locked locker or any circumstances in which breaking and entering is not a factor. It also does not include theft from a vehicle as the instrument should never be left in a vehicle. Furthermore, it does not include loss of accessories such as violin bows, reeds, mouthpieces, straps, lubricants, mallets, sticks or other expendable items. Should the instrument be destroyed by fire or lost due to forced entry, you must provide the notarized police report within ten (10) working days of the incident. All repairs or replacement must be made by Hillje Music Center. Any damages or alterations caused by other repair shops will void this agreement. This agreement is also void if you are not current with your Total Monthly Payment. If you choose not to accept this option you verify that you understand you are completely responsible for any and all damage, loss, theft and maintenance of the instrument and it must be maintained in good playing condition.

Instrument Purchase Option
When and if the customer chooses to buy their rented instrument, the purchase price shall be calculated by taking the RETAIL VALUE/REPLACEMENT COST listed on the reverse side of this contract minus the total of the base rental fees. Should you choose to buy an instrument other than the one you’ve been renting, a new “pro” or “step-up” instrument for example, the same essential method shall be used to calculate its ultimate purchase price. However, accrued base rental fees may not be applied towards an instrument of a different type (i.e., a trumpet for a flute.)

Exchange Option
If your child’s teacher requests a larger sized instrument (as in the case of orchestral string instruments) you may exchange instruments. Exchanges must be made and documented by a representative of Hillje Music Center. There is no refund for partial monthly rental fees when the exchanged instrument is less expensive than the original.

Return Option
You may return the instrument at any time and cancel this agreement providing the instrument shows only normal wear. You will receive no refund of pro-rated total monthly payment. To exercise the return option you must present the instrument to one of our representatives at any one of our locations. The instrument must be returned three (3) business days (Monday-Friday only) prior to your billing date. Otherwise you will be charged for the next month’s rent and NO refund will be issued. You are responsible for returning the instrument directly to a Hillje Music Representative. Do NOT return the instrument to the school or the band director.

Authorization for Late Charges and Repossession (In Case of Delinquency)
The rental instrument remains the property of Hillje Music Center until the RETAIL VALUE/REPLACEMENT COST is paid in full. The customer herein authorizes the company and its representatives to repossess the instrument from your child’s school or any other location in case of payment delinquencies. If any payment is not received by the billing date, you understand that a late fee of 5% of the total monthly payment or $5.00 (whichever is greater) will be added to your account. You also recognize that a fee of $30.00 will be charged for any NSF checks. You will remain liable for all rental payments and the fair market value of the instrument, until it is returned, repossessed or otherwise recovered by Hillje Music Center in its present condition, normal wear and tear excepted. You are also liable for all costs of collections and/or repossession, including reasonable attorney fees and court costs, to the extent allowed by law.

Credit Inquiry
You authorize Hillje Music Center to make whatever credit inquiries they deem necessary in connection with this rental agreement. The customer understands that the company will retain this credit application whether or not it is approved.


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